Making digital payments inclusive.

Orokii embarks on digital payment innovation that promises to provide lower transaction fees for better financial inclusion for the unbanked, underbanked, and banked Orokii prospective customers. Our innovative strategy includes using the latest advanced technology in digital payment with a focus on blockchain.

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About Orokii

Orokii is committed to helping our customers safely and securely send money to their loved ones domestically and crossborder

Orokii adopts a secure by design approach by implementing strong security without compromising usability

Orokii’s user-friendly platform welcomes everyone with varying levels of financial and digital capabilities

Financial innovation is the bedrock of Orokii strategy – we look for new ways to reduce costs, risks, and provide improved and better services to our users

Blockchain Innovation and Remittances

According to the World Bank fact base data, remittances using traditional methods incur an average global transaction fee of 8% for sending $200. This high fee is a burden to the sender and receiver. The high transaction fees are because of many intermediaries along the transaction path, each adding its cost along the way, resuting in increased costs to the sender and receiver. Blockchain promises to address this problem by eliminating intermediation, thereby lowering transaction fees significantly. Fintech companies like Orokii are embracing this innovative technology to bring financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked.

Our Mission

Incorporate innovative mobile payment technology solutions in socio-economic development through protective security and financial inclusion.

Join our Beta Community

Although mobile payment technologies are faster and innovative, demand, remains high for financial inclusion improvements that provides better experience, convenience, and low-cost.

Orokii is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to be among the first people to see and give feedback on our brand new, peer-to-peer mobile payments solution.

Coming Soon:
Summer  2021

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